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Welcome to the VirtuOx DME Page

VirtuOx, Inc. is a medical technology services company that provides diagnostic tools and services that enable a variety of healthcare organizations and professionals to diagnose and treat Respiratory diseases through vertically integrated platforms, products and services.

VirtuOx platforms include:

Independent Diagnostic Testing Division accepts Medicare, Private Insurance and Cash Pay Customers.

Overnight Oximetry Program

VirtuOx Standard Edition is a web-based program designed specifically for Durable Medical Equipment Companies (DME) to help qualify your patients for nocturnal oxygen per Medicare & Private Insurance guidelines.

Home Sleep Testing Program

VirtuOx HoST Edition provides end to end solutions for Sleep Testing in the patients home including: nationwide logistics, 24/7 customer support, web-based tracking and board certified sleep physicians in every state.

Home Insomnia Testing Program

VirtuOx VirtuSOM Program provides end to end solutions for Insomnia Testing in the patients home including: nationwide logistics, 24/7 customer support, web-based tracking, board certified sleep physicians in every state and many types of therapy choices to treat your Insomnia.

VPOD Oximeter Line

VirtuOx manufactures the world’s most cost effective FDA oximeters and accessories. Our line includes Finger Tip, Hand Held, Wrist Worn, and Table Top Oximeters that all upload to VirtuOx via USB, Bluetooth or cellular. VirtuOx also manufacturer’s generic FDA re-usable and disposable probes for many brand name oximeters.

VirtuOx Office Plus Edition Software

VirtuOx manufactures a web-based Oximetry software Office Plus that does not require prescriptions, AOBs and does not generate a bill to the patient. Most DME companies utilize this type of software for titrations or pre-discharge of Oxygen.

Business Intelligence Tools


The VirtuOx Dashboard is an extremely powerful management and reporting tool included with our testing programs. The Dashboard can provide insights into your business helping you manage patients, track referral sources, and perform as efficiently as possible.

Hierarchy Reporting If you own and or operate multiple centers, VirtuOx can create customized roll up dashboards that easily allows you to manage your locations.

Operational Efficiency Only with VirtuOx do you have valuable enhancements like; Sleep Study Candidate Queue, V-Cert Annual Testing Queue, V-Check ONO Candidate Queue, Oximeter Failure Reports and if Oxygen was delivered.

Marketing Support All our materials can easily be downloaded from our website or they can be ordered directly from your sales rep, FREE OF CHARGE!